Hello NYC!

I’ve been procrastinating on starting a second blog dedicated to the images I shoot on my travels, the cool people I get to meet almost daily and anything else that strikes my fancy so this post is the first!

I’ve been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to travel to some pretty awesome places, the big apple being one of them.  I traveled there to shoot a wedding and I was thrilled about that because I had never been to New York City!

I love this place! The views were incredible and the people seemed to be in a hurry to go EVERYWHERE….and the sounds of the city was music to my ears… it’s definitely ALIVE  🙂

Below are a few images I snapped while in New York City.
NYC (9)nyc0

NYC (7)

NYC (3)NYC (4)NYC (5)NYC (6)NYC (7)NYC (8)
NYC (16)NYC (18)NYC (20)NYC (21)
NY (1)NY (2)NY (3)NY (4)NY (5)
NYC (14)NYC (15)NYC (13)NYC (12)NYC (11)NYC (10)NYC (9)

Byeeeee NYC.. I hope to see you again 🙂

View the rest of the images here at: http://500px.com/LatreniaBryant


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